I can't recall my parents telling me not to talk to strangers. 
A lack of fear has aided me in communicating with and photographing many beautiful humans. 
I discovered passion for documenting events unfolding around me in high school.
Someone along the way put a camera in my hands and something truly clicked.

Now, my understanding has evolved, pushing me to seek out more in depth stories
in unfamiliar places. I capture the raw emotions and moments of human beings to show
that our experiences are the building blocks of who we are. 

I crave the intersection of documentary journalism and art.

If you're looking for an adventure, scheduling a protest, you want to see more intimate photos of an event, 
if you plan to be at Burning Man, or you feel a story erupting out of some corner of you, I would love to
wander through your life behind a lens and share with you my vision. 


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